Useful Links

  • The Bangladesh Tourism Board is mainly responsible for the development of tourism in this country.  They take the initiatives in order to enrich different points of interests and still unknown and waiting to be launched for the global community. Foreign  embassy addresses can be found here-

  • For the investment promotions, local support for investment, post establishment services and extensive experience in key strategic sectors of Bangladesh, visit the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) website on

  • The foremost objectives of this government corporation are to promote tourism in Bangladesh, build up positive image of the country abroad, create tourism infrastructure, provide services to the tourists and flourish tourism resources that exist in Bangladesh.

  • Bangladesh tourist police offer tourists a safe, secured and pleasant environment to enjoy the diversity of Bangladesh. Regarding informations are available on-

  • Branding & Promoting of Bangladesh Tourism by the Government. Here tourists can get information about the history, culture, religion, geography and climate of Bangladesh. Tourist places, things to do and travel essential information for tourists can be found here –